What to Bring on your Research Appointment

To Bring List:

Nothing is worse than arriving at the library and finding that the needed information is left at home. Focus your research plan to be prepared. Here are items to have on a to-bring list:

  • All information about the family or subject you are researching, even if it seems more than necessary.

  • Laptop computer.

  • Pencils, notepad, sticky notes.
    Bring pencils to use when accessing library materials – pens are not allowed.
    Please use sticky notes only on your own papers, not on items that are in the Dyer’s collection.

  • Empty file folders to hold the photocopies you'll make.

  • Money for photocopies. Copies are 25¢ per page.

  • Magnifying glass for hard-to-read manuscripts and copies.

  • Camera

Ask us for the WiFi password!

Health Precautions
Masks are optional.
Please make the decision best for you.

Non-vaccinated individuals, masks should be worn.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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